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Free Cooling Units

AUROs FCU units use Induced Draught Cooling technology. These units are used in BTS shelters for saving operation cost. They are used as an alternate to standard Air conditioners when the ambient temperature levels are lower than the required shelter operating temperature. These units circulate outside ambient air into the shelter & the hot air is thrown out into the ambient by suitable fans. These units are fitted with filters to avoid dust entering the shelter. The operation is controlled by a microcontroller based console which monitors the inside / outside temp & humidity. The console has provision for RS 485 communication for remote monitoring.

Key features

  • Advanced cooling method-IDC
  • Close to 50% savings On Opex
  • DC operated fans
  • Better life for ACs
  • Closed loop temperature control
  • Replaceable dust filters
  • Compact design- no space required inside the shelter
  • Improved rain canopy & damper
  • Ultra reliable fans