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AMF Panels

AMF panels find their application in Automation of Diesel generators. These panels are used to control the DG sets with respect to the mains condition. These panels are fitted with controller which senses the mains voltage & single phasing. Once mains failure is sensed, the DG start is provided & DG is started. Once DG is running, the loads are automatically transferred to the DG. Same way, when the mains supply becomes alright, DG is stopped & loads are automatically transferred to mains.

Key features

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Option of manual start & transfer of load on DG
  • Protection for high/low voltage protection on DG & mains
  • Electro-mechanical interlock for DG & Mains contactor
  • Overload protection on DG
  • PFC for alarm monitoring
  • Suitable for 1 Phase & 3 Phase mains & DG
  • Industry standard controllers
  • Complete engine safety